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Introduction To Pluto Plug-in

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This plug-in intends to provide you with a set of wizards and context menu actions to help you get started writing portlets on Apache Pluto. This plug-in comes with Pluto repackaged, so you don't need to download Pluto before you can use the plug-in. To get started, please visit the tutorial chapter in the Pluto user guide book shown at the bookshelf view on your left.

Currently, the plugin is in its infant stage. But, please let me know if it was useful to you.

Screen Shots

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Create Pluto portal and Pluto portlets applications using this wizard

- Apache Pluto is a software from the Apache Software Foundation. (http://www.apache.org).

- Pluto Plug-in is a free product from Eclipsefan.org, 2003. And it is not affiliated with the Apache Software Foundation.

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